Somizi weighs in on Bonang Matheba’s life

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Somizi and Bonang were once the best of friends, but their relationship turned sour because of one thing or another and they both have different versions of what ended their friendship.

Earlier this year, Bonang famously left Metro FM when she was paired with Lerato Kganyago, speaking about the whole fiasco on his radio show, Somizi said, “I am big on respecting everyone’s decisions but if it had to happen to me, I am a big believer in not burning bridges. Even if I get to a point where I hate being here and I am treated in a certain way that I do not like, I would never, I am not the type of person who storms out, especially professionally,” he said on his Metro FM show.”

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He then went on to say, “For me, it is more about wanting to leave in a way that if I wanted to come back, the door would still be open. An establishment will never be run by the same person forever. So, if I have a problem with my station manager today, I would still not storm out. I would say: ‘It is time for me to go. Thank you very much. Goodbye’. In two year’s time there will be someone else and if I come back they will ask me how did I leave.”

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