Rapper XXXTentacion “Hangs” Himself On Instagram

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XXXTentacion shares a very disturbing video on Instagram showing where is supoosedly hanged himself.

The rapper has built his career through a loyal fanbase and controversy as well.

In a clip on Instagram, XXXTentacion seems to hang himself off of a tree. While we can not confirm whether this is actually a real video of him legitimately hanging himself but it’s definitely disturbing. Suicide is definitely not a joke and to see someone hang themselves off of a tree on Instagram is pretty sick. The video held no caption and lasts only a few seconds. The video starts begins with only his forehead surrounded by the trees before the phone drops and a glimpse of XXXTentacion is seen hanging from the tree.

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Many of the comments on the video alone are questioning whether it’s real or not. This could definitely be a publicity stunt on XXXTentacion’s end. His album had some very disturbing images, one that depicted someone’s handwriting saying “There is no end to the pain. You must be numb” with a drawing of a noose hanging under it. So there’s a very high chance that the Broward County rapper is using this as some sort of publicity stunt to promote his forthcoming 17.

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See the disturbing clip here

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