Cassper gets backed by Nike

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Remember when we said we suspect Cassper is being sponsored by Nike? Well, WE WERE RIGHT..okay, so partially. But he was getting backing from the sportswear brand..but not for what you expected.

Recently Cassper has been seen going in extra hard at the gym and doing so while fully clad in Nike gear. Well, the reason came out recently. He was challenged by Nike to go and represent SA at the Berlin 21km Marathon. He took to Twitter to explain how his fans could show support to him with this latest collaboration.

He went into a little bit more detail in a thread

His fans didn’t disappoint, they came through in their numbers and showed support to their Tsibip. Their support wasn’t in vain as he managed to topple the 21k’s in a record 2hrs and 20m, 32 minutes shy of the time he’d estimated for himself.

A feat of epic proportion. We congratulate big leaps and even bigger collaborations so hey, big ups to the guy. Now we’re curious, could the next move be a Cassper shoe? I mean.. it’d make sense. That is if the collaboration extends outside of the marathon.

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